Life Tips: 5 Ways To Destress While Schooling From Home

Schooling from Home

This year has been more demanding on many of us than years past. And with the school year around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to juggle work, home life, and now schooling at home!  Here are five easy life tips on how to destress while schooling from home this fall. 

Get Outside

Schooling from home can be tough.  Just keeping your kids’ attention long enough to teach them the assignment can be a struggle if you find yourself at a point where the kids have too much energy to focus, and you’re feeling frazzled step outside and take a walk.  Just the change of scenery is a great way to work out some of the stress, and the exercise will help burn off some energy for the kids.  You’ll find that paying attention and getting the work done at home is much more relaxed after a short walk.

    Additional Tip: Listening to a podcast or your favorite music on your walk is another excellent way to destress and focus on something you enjoy.

Go Outside

Take a Shower or Bath

In our home, we have two rules for anyone having a bad day: Go outside for a bit or get in some water.  A shower or a bath is a great way to “restart” your day.  The hot water helps with headaches or muscle stiffness, plus it gives you some time to yourself, which is a must for any parent.  Additionally, just feeling clean can help improve your mood significantly.

Zoom or Facetime a Friend

We may not be able to visit the people we love right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch.  Schedule a zoom call with your favorite group of friends after the kids go to bed and enjoy some much-needed socializing.  

Zoom or Facetime a Friend

Try a Peaceful Hobby

Many parents have found that having a calming hobby helps them destress from the pressures of doing school at home.  Try starting your day with some yoga, or relax at night with a good book.  Just taking a few minutes out of the day while the kids are playing and doing something you enjoy can help you feel better in the long run. 

Take a Break from Social Media

None of us ever expected to be in the position we’re all in now, and it’s hard.  Juggling all of your responsibilities is not an easy task, and seeing the posts from other parents who seem to have it all under control can make you feel like a failure.  But remember, you’re only seeing what the person posting wants you to see.  Instead of scrolling newsfeeds and feeling down on yourself for not overachieving, put down the phone and take a break.  You’re doing great!  Take a break from social media for a few days and watch how your mood improves without the constant comparison with others.  

Take a Break from Social Media

Additional Tip: It’s ok to need a break.  If the kids just went down for bed and you need to watch TV and eat some cookies instead of clean: that’s okay.  Be kind to yourself and remember that this won’t last forever.  

No matter how you homeschool, remember to take some time for yourself.  Managing your stress and taking care of your needs will help you to better care for your family and get through this semester of schooling from home.  

If you’ve noticed one of your children is struggling with reading or experiences frequent headaches, Schedule An Exam Today.