Specialty Contact Lenses
in Murray, KY

Our team at Jarvis Vision Center is focused on giving every patient the dedicated time and attention necessary to meet their unique needs, and that’s especially evident in our specialty contact lens exams. Our eye doctors, Dr. Reed Jarvis, Dr. Jesse Williams, and Dr. Mary Jo Moore, have years of experience using our advanced optical technology to carefully examine patients’ eyes and personalize options for specialized contact lenses to each patient’s unique needs.

Why Use Specialty Contact Lenses?

There are a number of reasons a patient can be considered “hard to fit” — someone who struggles to wear standard contact lenses comfortably or at all. Eye disease, severe vision prescriptions, and unusual eye shapes can make standard contacts ineffective. Luckily, the right specialty contact lenses can circumvent (or even treat) those same issues!

Our specialty contact lenses each have their own unique benefits, which you can learn more about below:


Ortho-K and Myopia Treatment Center in Murray, KY

Ortho-K Lenses

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an extremely common condition that not only causes blurry vision but can also impact your quality of life. Eyeglasses and standard contacts can correct nearsightedness but won’t actually treat the underlying issue, and myopia may continue to progress as a result.

Ortho-K lenses are both a short and long-term solution. After we custom-fit a pair to your eyes, you’ll wear them Read Moreat night to gently reshape your cornea. This gives you clear vision throughout the next day and helps slow your myopia progression. This has been shown to be especially effective for children but can help manage myopia in patients of all ages. Read Less

Ortho-K Contacts in Murray, KY

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are unique among specialty contact lenses because they don’t rest on the cornea like most contacts do. Instead, these lenses rest on your sclera, the white part of your eye, and vault completely over your cornea.

These tailored contacts have a few different advantages. Scleral lenses tend to shift less than other lenses. They also trap tears, creating a tear reservoir that Read Morecan provide extra protection and hydration to your eyes — perfect for those with dry eye or sensitive corneas. And because they don’t touch the cornea, they’re great for people with keratoconus, irregular corneas, or otherwise hard-to-fit eyes. Read Less

Ortho-K and Myopia Treatment Center in Murray, KY

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses

Before soft, disposable contacts became the popular option, there were rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. These rigid lenses have to be custom fit and regularly cleaned, but there are quite a few benefits to durable lenses that don’t lose their shape.

RGP lenses can provide sharper vision correction than standard lenses because they’re a fixed shape. They also “breathe” better Read Morethan other lenses, letting more oxygen reach the eye, which makes them viable for many who can’t wear other contacts that dry out their eyes. Due to their stable shape, they’re one of the best options for correcting severe astigmatism or other strong prescriptions, as well. Read Less

Ortho-K Contacts in Murray, KY


SynergEyes® are a unique hybrid lens offering the best features of RGP and standard soft contact lenses — the breathability of RGP lenses, combined with the comfort of soft lenses.

While RGP and scleral lenses have their own benefits and are perfectly comfortable for most patients, SynergEyes® are a comfort-driven option to offer similar benefits for eyes that are sensitive to supporting Read Moresturdier lenses. They’re known for treating keratoconus and other conditions marked by corneal irregularities, and come in a wide variety of styles for different needs. Read Less


Specialty Contact Lens Exams & Fittings
in Murray, KY

While it’s important to have a great selection of specialty contact lenses, it’s just as important to have eye doctors who can determine which contacts best suit your eye shape, health, and comfort.

During a contact lens exam, we’ll discuss how you use your eyes and thoroughly evaluate your eye health, screening for any eye conditions that could benefit from one style of eyewear or another. Once we have a clear picture of your eyes and daily life, we’ll recommend lenses that comfortably correct your vision, and treat any eye conditions you may have, as necessary.

From there, we’ll take careful measurements of your eyes to customize your lenses, and when the time comes for your fitting, we’ll make sure you’re fully educated on how to put in, take out, and hygienically care for your new specialty contact lenses.

Specialty Contact Lenses at Jarvis Vision Center

You won’t find a more impressive collection of specialty contact lenses — or more dedicated eye doctors — anywhere in or around Murray, KY. To schedule a contact lens exam, call Jarvis Vision Center at (270) 512-8388 or schedule a visit online!