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Whether you’re looking for dependable vision correction, an outstanding selection of frames, or a new supply of contact lenses, we can help. Our knowledgeable staff, wide variety of eyewear options, and great attention to detail ensure that when you come to Jarvis Vision Center, you’ll get the most advanced and personalized frames, lenses, and contacts for your needs. Our friendly eye doctors and opticians will help you find solutions that match your lifestyle — and sense of style!


Trying on glasses at Jarvis Vision Center

Eyeglasses Frames

We’re proud to have a great glasses frames selection available for men, women, and children alike. With beloved brands like Ray-Ban®, Maui Jim®, ECO, ELLE, and Morel, as well as frames made from materials ranging from lightweight titanium to recyclable options, we can help anyone find frames that bring out their best looks, make them feel great, and provide the clearest vision possible.

Ortho-K Contacts in Murray, KY

Online Glasses Ordering

We’ve got a selection of discounted frames for men, women, and children available at special prices online only! You can even easily improve your lenses with extra-thin or light-adaptive add-ons. Simply find a pair you like, input your prescription, add upgrades and specifications, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Contact Lenses in Murray, KY

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great choice for many people’s eyewear needs, and innovations in contacts have enabled more and more people to benefit from them. We conduct thorough contact lens exams to determine which lenses could best suit you, and carry a range of contacts to fit virtually any eye with an appropriate lens. We’ll also provide a lesson in contact wear and care so you have success with your new lenses.

Ortho-K Contacts in Murray, KY

Order Contacts

We’ve cut out the extra work when it comes to keeping you supplied with the contact lenses you need. New and existing patients can request contact lenses through our easy online form. Our staff will get your contact lens supply shipped right away!


Specialty Glasses

We know that sometimes, patients need specific glasses for different purposes — in a single day, you may need prescription goggles for use while swimming, computer glasses with blue light filtering lenses, and reading glasses for winding down with a good book at the end of the day. Meanwhile, your child might need protective sports eyewear for their soccer game, in addition to something sleeker to look their best at school. We have specialty & sports glasses for all these needs and many more!

Optician Services at Jarvis Vision Center
Optician Services at Jarvis Vision Center
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Sunglasses in Murray, KY


For patients who experience the uncomfortable symptoms of eye misalignment, such as headaches, neck and back pain, eye strain, blurry or double vision, and dizziness, we have a solution! For this common condition, we offer Neurolens, an innovative glasses lens that can be custom fit to any frame. Neurolens uses prism technology to help your eyes focus more efficiently and work as a team, providing you with lasting relief from your symptoms!


Our neighbors are quick to tell us how much they appreciate a good pair of sunglasses during the bright Kentucky summers. We carry options from Oakley®, Costa®, Maui Jim®, Ray-Ban®, and other trusted brands that know how to meet your needs with style and fully shield your eyes for clear vision and eye protection in the car, at the beach, or just out on the town.

Sunglasses in Murray, KY
Specialty Glasses Near You
Specialty Contact Lenses in Murray, KY
Ortho-K in Murray, KY

Specialty Contact Lenses

For patients who come to us with corneal issues, specialty contact lenses such as rigid gas permeable (RGP) and SynergEyes® lenses can offer a solution. These lenses allow better oxygen flow and breathability to the cornea, and are a great option for dry eye and keratoconus patients.


Ortho-K lenses are designed for patients with myopia (nearsightedness), which can leave people at risk for eye disease if left untreated. You’ll wear these custom-fit lenses while you sleep, which help you see clearer the next day and slow the progression of myopia. Though they work particularly well with younger patients, people of all ages have achieved better with Ortho-K lenses.

Ortho-K Treatment Center in Murray, KY
Scleral Lenses in Murray, KY
Scleral Lenses in Murray, KY
Ortho-K in Murray, KY

Scleral Lenses

For patients with certain corneal issues, scleral lenses rest on the white part of the eye (the sclera) and rise over the cornea to avoid irritating it. These special-fit lenses create a tear reservoir, perfect for dry eye patients. They’re also less prone to shifting during wear, more comfortable for patients with irregularly-shaped corneas due to keratoconus and other conditions.