Eye Care Services in Murray, KY

At Jarvis Vision Center, we want you to think of us as the only place you need to go for your eye care. Our eye doctors have put in the work throughout their entire careers to make sure that we can serve as many people as possible and provide them with the best eye care services, all from our beautiful and spacious office in Murray.

When you come to Jarvis Vision Center, you’ll experience a full range of services and can rest assured that you’re getting eye care that meets all of your vision needs.

Our Services

All of our care starts with us getting an understanding of you, your lifestyle, and what you need from your vision. From there, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of with thorough exams and flexible solutions.

Medical Eye Exams in Murray, KY

Medical Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam at Jarvis Vision Center is designed to give us the most complete look into your vision and eye health possible.

 We use the latest diagnostic technologies to produce detailed images and measurements of your Read Moreeyes and screen for early signs of eye conditions. This allows us to diagnose and manage these issues before they become serious. You’ll also receive an updated vision prescription, and if needed, our expert optical staff will help pair you with glasses or contact lenses that suit your style and budget. Read Less

Pediatric Eye Exams in Murray, KY

Pediatric Eye Exams

Children have different eye health needs than adults — their eyes develop much faster — so we tailor our pediatric eye exams to each child and where they are in their development. We track developmental milestones and watch for conditions such as amblyopia Read More(“lazy eye”) and strabismus (crossed eyes).
 They’ll also get an up-to-date vision prescription, which is especially important because eyes change more in childhood than adulthood. If they need glasses, our friendly opticians will help them choose eyewear they’ll love! Read Less

Contact Lens Exams in Murray, KY

Contact Lens Exams

During a contact lens exam, we’ll determine which type and trusted brand of contact lenses would most benefit you, generate the most precise prescription, and help you find a specific product that works for you.

First-time contact Read Morewearers will receive some helpful training on how to wear their contacts and take care of them. And, if you need specialty contacts such as scleral or Ortho-K lenses, we can custom-make and fit those as well. Read Less

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Your eye care experience at Jarvis Vision Center is designed to be thorough, convenient, and personalized to your unique needs. We can’t wait to see you and your family for your next appointment, whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth. To book an appointment, call us at (270) 512-8388 or schedule online