Eyeglasses Frames
in Murray, KY

Eyeglasses are a crucial tool for vision correction, but they’re also a key part of your image. Whether your style is bold or subtle, active or relaxed, your eyeglasses should fit who you are.

At Jarvis Vision Center, we consider everything from your medical needs to your unique fashion sense, and even your hobbies and lifestyle when helping you select frames. Our experienced eye doctors and knowledgeable opticians love to work with you to help you see clearly and look stylish!

Why Having the Right Lenses & Frames is Important

Precise vision correction requires attention to detail: there are several aspects of your glasses that we have to get just right to provide the best possible vision correction and comfort.

Your frames need to match your lifestyle. Whether you need durable builds for an active lifestyle, lightweight frames for maximum comfort, or hypoallergenic materials, subpar solutions can fall off your face or be too uncomfortable for you to want to wear. And choosing the right lenses can make the difference between so-so correction and sharp vision with comprehensive eye protection.

When we put it all together, your glasses should give you the crystal-clear vision you need in a package that looks and feels perfect for you!

Why Dr. Jarvis knows it’s important to choose the perfect glasses for your lifestyle and comfort.


Eye doctor examining older patient at Jarvis Vision Center

Eye Exams & Getting
the Right Prescription

The first step towards getting you into the right pair of glasses is a comprehensive eye health exam. Your eye doctor will ask about your lifestyle and goals for your vision and check your overall eye health using the latest imaging and diagnostic technology. This state-of-the-art equipment also allows us to generate your precise vision prescription better than traditional manual equipment.

Trying on glasses at Jarvis Vision Center

Eyeglasses Fittings

Our dedicated opticians are ready (and excited) to help you find, and fit you in, the right combination of glasses and frames. When fitting you for glasses, they’ll take the time to consider your lifestyle, facial features, medical needs, and specific measurements as they have you try on diverse options from our wide range of frames.

We use digital analysis and precise eye measurements to tailor the shape and position of your frames and lenses in such a way that they’re optimized for clear vision and comfort!

Our Optical Boutique

We stock hundreds of glasses and sunglasses options that are comfortable, fashion-forward, and designed to help you look and feel your best. We carry trusted brands including Charmant, Elle, Eco®, Erker’s, Maui Jim®, Morel, Oakley®, Ray-Ban®, and more!

Our collections include a variety of styles, price points, and even independent options so we can truly have something for everyone.

Optician Services at Jarvis Vision Center
Optician Services at Jarvis Vision Center

Our Specialty Frames

People need eyeglasses in all kinds of situations, so we’ve curated frames built for a large variety of environments and needs, including:

  • Titanium and other hypoallergenic materials
  • Sports glasses
  • Swim goggles
  • Eco-friendly options made from recyclable materials
  • American-made frames

In partnership with Need Line here in Murray, KY, we also provide complete glasses for less fortunate members of our community!


Our Specialty Lenses

Whether you work in front of a computer screen, spend a lot of time in the sun, participate in physical activities, or have a difficult prescription, we have a solution for you. In particular, we’re proud to offer high-quality options from Hoya and Transitions® that meet all manner of different needs.

Our lens options include:

  • Light adaptive lenses — such as Transitions® and Sensity℠
  • Blue light filtering lenses — for looking at screens
  • Progressive lenses — providing multifocal clarity at different ranges of vision
  • Polarized lenses — for blocking glare from cars, water, or snow
  • Ultraviolet protective lenses — for being out in the sun
  • Scratch-resistant lenses — for preventing damage
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight lenses — for added comfort
  • Specialty tints — for customizing your worldview
  • Safety lenses — for working in hazardous situations
Picking up glasses at Jarvis Vision Center

Online Glasses Ordering

In a world where online shopping is second nature, we think you should have some online options from Jarvis Vision Center! We offer online-only eyeglasses deals for men, women, and children, and can add on lens filters by request!