Eye Disease Management
in Murray, KY

Your eye health and vision are so important to your ability to live the best life you can. You deserve eye care that takes every part of your eyes into account, using the latest technology in the industry.

At Jarvis Vision Center, we’re dedicated to accurate diagnosis and comprehensive management of a range of different eye diseases — and we won’t stop until we find just the right solution for you.

Eye Conditions We Treat at Jarvis Vision Center

We screen for and treat all of the serious eye diseases and conditions our patients face day-in and day-out. Dr. Reed Jarvis and Dr. Jesse Williams combine their extensive training and expertise with the industry’s most advanced equipment to get a full picture of our patient’s eye health.

Treating glaucoma patient at Jarvis Vision Center


Glaucoma is sometimes referred to as the “silent thief of sight” because vision loss from glaucoma can happen without obvious symptoms. Pressure buildup in the eye can damage the optic nerve, causing blind spots, distorted vision, tunnel vision, and vision loss.

Dry Eye Treatment at Jarvis Vision Center

Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye occurs when your eye can’t produce the optimal quality or quantity of tears, leading to itchy, burning, watery, and otherwise uncomfortable sensations in and around the eyes. Causes can include the environment, hormonal imbalance, health history, and more.

Cataract Exam in Murray, KY


Cataracts are when the eye’s natural lens breaks down and becomes blurry, reducing your ability to see objects clearly, drive at night, or live an independent lifestyle. Cataracts are a normal part of aging and most people will start getting them as they get older.

Optometrist examining patient Jarvis Vision Center

Macular Degeneration

The macula, a tiny structure in the center of the retina, is responsible for clear central vision. Over time, aging and other factors can damage the macula or cause it to slowly break down. This is called macular degeneration, or “AMD”.

Pediatric Eye Doctor Office at Jarvis Vision Center


Myopia (nearsightedness) is a normal refractive condition, like astigmatism and hyperopia (farsightedness), but it’s more common and can impact quality of life in children and adults. We have a variety of myopia control techniques that go beyond basic eyeglasses or contact lenses.


In Case of Emergency

If you’re experiencing eye pain, unexpected vision loss, or other worrying symptoms, do not hesitate to call Jarvis Vision Center at (270) 512-8388 and we will work quickly to have one of our doctors see you.

Contact Jarvis Vision Center
for Eye Condition Management

We encourage people to come in for appointments regularly, so that we can track and evaluate ongoing changes in your eyes and protect you against eye health issues and vision loss. To learn more, call or use our online scheduler to book an appointment.




“I have worked in the medical field for 15 1/2 years. You all are so friendly and professional. We came to you and we left with answers. Thank you so much.”

– D.J.

“I really enjoyed the customer service. I have twins and it’s very hard time wise to get them and myself in and their staff makes it all seems so easy. Their up-to-date equipment allows for thorough yet simplified eye exams. Thank you for your concerns on offering the best service to the community and its needs despite an individual’s economic status. I am very grateful. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.”

– M.J.

“To date, my experiences have all been good. Doctors and staff are professional and friendly. I would recommend them to family and friends.”

– D.J.

“Since making the change to Jarvis Vision Center (over a decade ago) I’ve never regretted the decision! The staff is second to none, with special regards to the understanding and treatment of my children with disabilities. When our family visits Jarvis Vision we are treated as if we’re family. Thanks for taking great care of us, Jarvis Vision!”

– M.P.

“Have been going here most of my life. Never gotten anything less than the best care!”

– A.S.

“Fast, friendly, and reliable for a thorough, comprehensive eye exam. Dr. Jarvis is always great about explaining his findings and how best to treat my eyes and improve their health. Everyone at the office is so nice and helpful!”

– C.H.