Pediatric Eye Doctors in Murray, KY

Children’s eye care needs are different than adults’ in a surprising number of ways. So, when you begin your search for a pediatric eye doctor, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your choice.

Jarvis Vision Center offers thorough pediatric eye exams that take your child’s unique needs into account. We take the time to get to know your family and watch your child’s eyes grow and develop over time, which is vital to their overall health.

Why Pediatric Eye Care Matters

Your child’s eyes are incredibly important to their development. Whether it’s academics, social development, or feeling comfortable trying new things, kids rely on their eyesight to follow what’s happening around them — meaning that poor vision can be a huge obstacle to overcome.

At Jarvis Vision Center, we recognize that eye care is a lifelong journey, and we want to be there to help you and your family — especially your little ones — every step of the way.


Child receiving kids eye exam at Jarvis Vision Center

When & How Often Your Child
Should Have Pediatric Eye Exams

Your child’s first trip to an eye doctor should come earlier than you might think. A baby’s eyes should develop the ability to focus equally on objects with 20/20 vision around the age of six months. As their focus solidifies, they begin to use what they see instead of only what they feel as they grow and learn.

From there, your pediatric eye doctors will have developmental milestones to look for as your child ages, as well as potential signs Read Moreof various conditions, such as myopia (nearsightedness), strabismus (crossed eyes), or amblyopia (“lazy eye”). Read Less

Kid waiting for eye exam at Jarvis Vision Center

What a Pediatric
Eye Exam Entails

At Jarvis Vision Center, we begin routine annual pediatric eye exams as young as three years old, or sooner if parents suspect any issues. The state of Kentucky requires a comprehensive eye exam performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist before beginning public preschool or grade school, and we regularly assist families with this.

We’ll examine visual acuity with letters, pictures, and shapes. If necessary, we’ll also generate a Read Morenew vision prescription and help your kid find glasses or contacts they’ll love wearing! Additionally, we can provide a close estimate of a prescription for nonverbal children using retinoscopy.
 Especially prior to kindergarten, children’s eyes are growing quickly, and parents should come to the eye doctor with any notes or questions about their child struggling with visual cues in their day-to-day life. Parents should continue to look for and ask about anything that might indicate vision issues, such as frequent headaches or struggles in school (particularly reading and writing). Read Less

InfantSEE At Jarvis Vision Center

InfantSEE is a program that allows infants to have their first eye exam free before they turn one year old. It’s recommended that the child be at least six months old, because by that point they will have started to use both eyes to focus on objects. Please contact Jarvis Vision Center to find out more details before your first visit.

Eyeglasses For Kids

Glasses & Sunglasses
for Kids

The most common solution for vision correction in children is eyeglasses. It’s really important for children to feel comfortable in them — you don’t want their glasses to slide off during every activity — and to get a pair Read Morethey’ll love so they really want to wear them. We can also get prescription sunglasses so children can safely enjoy their time out in the sun!
We have a great selection of children’s glasses frames in stock, and our opticians are highly trained in working with children to choose a pair they’ll think looks great, show them how to wear their glasses, and make them feel comfortable all the while. Read Less

Contact Lenses for Kids

Contact Lenses
for Kids

For children who are more active and can handle some of the additional responsibility that comes with wearing them, contact lenses are a great choice. They’ll sit for a contact lens fitting and practice putting Read Moretheir contacts in and taking them out safely with guidance from a helpful optician. Well train them in daily use, as well as show your child how to take care of them throughout the day. Read Less

Ortho K and Myopia Control in Murray KY

Ortho-K & Myopia

Orthokeratology, often shortened to “Ortho-K,” is a myopia solution in which patients wear a special pair of contact lenses overnight. These lenses actually help to painlessly reshape the cornea over time and Read Moreimprove vision during waking hours.
The ultimate goal is to reduce the patient’s reliance on eyewear, and possibly correct their eyesight at near, middle, and distance ranges. It’s often a good option for children because their eyes are still changing and growing, meaning they adapt excellently to the reshaping process! Read Less


Pediatric Eye Doctors in Murray, KY

Our eye doctors at Jarvis Vision Center have a lot of experience working with children and really care about helping with their vision issues early.
Dr. Reed Jarvis OD

Reed Jarvis, O.D.

Dr. Jarvis is an optometrist in Murray, KY, with over 13 years of experience treating patients of all ages, providing precise vision prescriptions and diagnosing and treating various eye conditions.

He’s built his career upon the inspiration he felt after receiving his first eye exam in the first grade. Today, he treats pediatric eye care patients with compassion and excitement, and loves to get to see children’s eyes come alive as they notice details in the world around them for the first time.

Dr. Reed Jarvis OD
Dr. Jesse Williams OD

Jesse Williams, O.D.

Dr. Williams is an optometrist with a great range of experience who specializes in pediatric eye exams. He does a wonderful job helping patients get their optimal vision prescription, and provides medical eye care for a number of conditions around patients’ eyes.

He is very happy to have found a home for his family in Murray, KY. He loves the community and is proud to treat patients like they’re members of his own family.


Dr. Mary Jo Moore graduated from Ferris State University with a Visual Science degree, before earning her Doctor of Optometry from her alma mater’s College of Optometry.

She sees patients of all ages and especially loves helping pediatric patients, particularly with vision therapy. She’s dedicated to solving every visual challenge that comes her way with patience and exceptional service!

Dr. Mary Jo Moore headshot at Jarvis Vision Center


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