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An Exciting Solution for Eye Misalignment

At Jarvis Vision Center, we ensure your eyewear doesn’t just help you see clearly, but that it also allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest. While regular glasses can correct a host of vision issues, only those fitted with Neurolens can offer relief from eye misalignment and its related effects on your sight and body.

Do You Suffer from Head and Neck Aches, and Painful, Strained Eyes?

Signs You Are Experiencing Eye Misalignment

Eye misalignment is an increasingly common condition where the eyes won’t move together and are pointed in different directions. This causes your eyes to strain — especially when looking at things up close for long periods of time, like a computer screen. Some symptoms caused by eye misalignment include blurry or double vision, eye pain and fatigue, headaches, motion sickness, neck and back pain, and dry eye sensation.

Get Relief with

The effects of eye misalignment go beyond discomfort — it can also impact your ability to do daily activities like driving, working, and more. To help correct your misalignment, Neurolens uses an innovative prism lens technology that helps your eyes move and work together as a team. This improved focusing ability allows your eye muscles to relax, which then eases your symptoms. Our doctors are skilled at diagnosing eye misalignment and alleviating its symptoms with Neurolens!

Achieve Better Vision in Style

Not only does Neurolens offer amazing benefits to your vision, but it’s incredibly versatile too, and we can tailor it to any glasses frame and prescription! That means you can get instant — and lasting — relief from your eye misalignment, all while striking a look that’s your own. Our opticians will help you select the perfect frames for your face shape, personality, and lifestyle, and custom-fit them with Neurolens.

We’re Neurolens Specialists

Our experienced staff can diagnose eye misalignment during our comprehensive eye exams. Using our advanced technology to take throughout scans of your eyes, we’ll check for any signs of this condition, ask about how your symptoms impact you, and evaluate your overall vision needs.

If we determine that eye misalignment is the source of your issues, our optometrists will find your precise vision prescription and show you how Neurolens can improve your quality of life. During follow-up exams, we’ll analyze your progress and make sure your vision is clear, comfortable, and worry-free!

Dr. Jesse Williams of Jarvis Vision Center

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