Specialty Eyeglasses
in Murray, KY

A key part of our commitment to excellent eye care at Jarvis Vision Center is providing the best eyeglasses for our patients’ needs — and those needs can be surprisingly diverse. For everything from goggles built for sports or swimming, to protective lenses for using digital screens all day, our collection of specialty eyeglasses has options for everyone.

Why People Use Specialty Eyeglasses

Certain activities don’t lend themselves to wearing standard eyeglasses. As a result, many designers have developed different frames and lenses for specific circumstances. These specialty glasses were born out of a need to provide you with clear sight, but also withstand impact, fit under a bicycle helmet, resist fogging in wet conditions, and help you read newspapers and webpages with ease.

Ultimately, they’re built for the functions you need — but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t fit your style at the same time!


Eye Exams in Murray, KY

Start with an
Eye Health Exam

Our expert eye doctors take the time during your eye exam to learn about your eye health and lifestyle before offering solutions. They’ll use some of the latest diagnostic and imaging technology to look for early signs of eye conditions and to produce an updated vision prescription. But they’ll also discuss how your eyewear fits into your work life and hobbies, which often benefit from specialty eyeglasses.

Specialty Glasses in Murray, KY

Get a Specialty
Eyeglasses Fitting

Two of the most important components of specialty eyeglasses are comfort and function, and our expert opticians will help ensure that they offer both. We’ll make sure your frames stay right where you want them while still feeling comfortable during your desired activities. We also offer upgrades for your lenses such as blue light or ultraviolet filters, scratch-resistant coatings, and impact-resistant materials. Read More  You should know that your new specialty glasses work great before you bring them into an environment where you really need them — that’s what our fittings are for! Read Less

Types of Specialty Eyeglasses

We’ve fitted people for specialty eyeglasses for many different situations and needs over the years. While this list of hobbies and activities that benefit from specialty glasses is far from complete, these are some of the most popular types of specialty eyeglasses we offer:

  • Eyewear designed for closeup activities like reading the paper, playing the piano, or sewing
  • Prescription goggles for swimming or biking
  • Protective eyewear for other sports
  • Lenses that help block blue light from television, computer, and phone screens
  • Eyewear that helps prevent eye strain at work or while playing video games
  • OSHA Compliant Safety Eyewear for hazardous work environments
  • Glasses that boost contrast sensitivity, making it easier to drive at night

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’re excited to find a tailored solution for you! One of the best parts of our jobs is solving unique challenges, and we welcome the opportunity to help you, no matter how niche your needs.

For an eye exam to see how a new pair of specialty glasses could positively impact your life, please book an appointment at Jarvis Vision Center today!