Sunglasses in Murray, KY

Our team at Jarvis Vision Center has curated a diverse collection of eyewear in our optical boutique, and our sunglasses are no exception! We know that a good pair of reliable sunglasses can be a fashionable way to see clearly and protect your eyes during outdoor activities, long car rides, and more. Our sunglasses meet a wide variety of needs, styles, and sensibilities, and we’re sure you’ll find options you love here.

Why Sunglasses Are Important

Sunglasses aren’t just an accessory — they’re crucial to your eye health. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation can wreak havoc on unprotected eyes.

Repeated, prolonged exposure to damaging light sources can cause headaches, discomfort or pain, and even lasting damage to your eyes. For example, your risk of macular degeneration, cataracts, and certain types of skin cancer around the eyes increases with long-term sun exposure. People who either are already at risk for certain eye diseases or who have had recent eye surgery have an even greater need for sun protection.

So instead of squinting, shielding your face, and feeling uncomfortable outside, take some time to invest in a nice pair of sunglasses that will keep you protected and looking great!


Sunglasses Collection in Murray, KY

What to Look for in a
Pair of Sunglasses

First and foremost, make sure your sunglasses fit comfortably. If they stay stable on your nose and fully cover your eyes, they’ll provide complete coverage. This is also why you’ll likely want a larger surface area for the lenses.

You should also check for what type of protection the lenses offer. For example, polarized lenses reduce the amplified glare Read Morefrom reflective surfaces, such as bodies of water or fresh snow. Also look for percentage and type of UV rays blocked; we recommend finding sunglasses rated for 100% protection from UV-A and UV-B light. Read Less

Customized Sunglasses in Murray KY

Sunglasses Customization Options

We offer a number of ways to personalize your sunglasses to your needs, particularly in our lenses. We can tailor your prescription or non-prescription sunglasses with everything from polarization to sport or activity-specific tints — for example, aviators might prefer a neutral gray to reduce color distortion, while a fisherman might want a yellow or amber tint to help them see better on the water in early-morning low light.

Sunglasses Brands at Jarvis Vision Center

We carry some of the most trusted names in sunglasses here at Jarvis Vision Center, including:

  • Oakley®
  • Maui Jim®
  • Ray-Ban®
  • Costa
  • MODO®
  • Eco®
  • Wiley X®
  • Fysh UK®


Sunglasses Fittings

When it comes to sunglasses, you want to prioritize sun protection and your own comfort. During your sunglasses fitting, our helpful opticians will help you find and resize frames that stay in place, comfortably rest on your nose and ears, and shield your eyes to the fullest. They’ll also help you identify the types of customizations, tints, and protections that best suit your lifestyle and hobbies, so that you can stay active and keep your eyes safe outdoors.

We get a lot of sunshine in Kentucky and at Jarvis Vision Center, we take pride in helping the communities we serve enjoy their time outdoors — book an appointment or stop in to check out our fantastic sunglasses selection today!

Sunglasses Fittings in Murray, KY