Get A Jumpstart On The School Year: 3 Benefits Of Back To School Exams

Children looking too closely at school work

Many families are dealing with the same uncertainty that you feel about the coming school year.  The impact of this year’s quarantine and shut-down has made it difficult to know what to expect for your child’s education in the coming months. However, one way that you can take control of your children’s well-being and education is by scheduling their back-to-school exams. 

Get A Jumpstart On The School Year: 3 Benefits Of Back To School Exams

Colorblindness Testing

Color blindness is a common, hereditary vision deficiency that affects approximately 1 in 12 boys and 1 in 200 girls, according to  This condition is not harmful but can have a negative impact when it goes undiagnosed. The most common form of colorblindness is red/green called deuteranomaly. Although there is no cure for colorblindness, identifying it early can help your child to overcome the complications of living with color vision deficiency.

At Jarvis Vision Center, we offer colorblindness testing for all children!

Eye Disease Treatment

Myopia Control Options

Another common problem for school children is a progressive disease called Myopia.  Myopia is commonly called “nearsightedness.” Children with this condition have elongated corneas, which cause the light to refract differently in their eyes than it would in a normal eye.  Without treatment, Myopia can cause severe vision changes as the child grows and may even lead to retinal tearing later in life.

Protecting your child’s vision is our top priority at Jarvis Vision Center. That’s why we are continually looking for new technologies and innovations to help keep your family seeing their best.  Learn about the signs of myopia in this blog or find out more about our myopia control options here.  If you think your child may be suffering from nearsightedness, contact us today to schedule an exam.

Computer Protection Lenses

Computer Protection Lenses

Now, more than ever, students of all ages are spending most of their day in front of a screen.  Whether your child is attending Zoom classes, completing homework online, or watching videos from their teachers or professors, their doing so in front of a screen. Even classrooms are using LED screens, so whether your kids end up back in school this fall, or we continue to school from home, their eyes will need protection.

LED screens are notorious for causing digital eye strain, headaches, and more.  In fact, the blue light emitted from all technological devices has been proven to be harmful to our long-term eye health. That’s why getting a pair of prescription or non-prescription computer glasses is so important for your child. 

Learn more about the importance of Protecting Your Child’s Eyes From Blue Light, or Talk To An Optician today about getting a pair of computer glasses for you or your loved one. 


No matter what this school year brings, taking care of your child’s vision is the first step to ensuring they have a successful year. Schedule Your Children’s Back To School Exams with Jarvis Vision Center today and rest assured that your kids will see their best.