Pediatric Eye Exams And What You Should Know

When it comes time to book your child’s annual exam, you want to take them to a place that will provide the best vision care available.  At Jarvis Vision Center, we strive to offer a welcoming environment that will put you and your child at ease. By booking a comprehensive Pediatric Eye Exam for your child, you can help to protect them from many health conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed. Equip them to excel at whatever they do through clear, crisp vision.

First Eye Exams

In Kentucky, the recommended age for the first eye exam is just three years old. The reason for this is due to the high number of children under the age of five who have undiagnosed vision problems.  According to the Kentucky Optometry Association, 25% of children suffer from some form of vision complication by the age of five. Most of these conditions can be treated at earlier ages much more quickly1.

Child attending pediatric eye exam

Early Vision Concerns and Treatments

One of the leading causes of vision loss later in life is amblyopia or “lazy eye.”  This condition can be cured when treatment is started early. Unfortunately, 50% of all cases are not diagnosed until age five, when treatment is much more difficult2. Another condition that is common in young children and difficult to diagnose without a comprehensive exam is Myopia. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a condition that impacts a child’s ability to focus on far off images. This progressive disease worsens over time and, like amblyopia, can lead to vision loss later in life. At Jarvis Vision Center, we offer myopia treatment through the use of specialized training lenses called Sleep Sight. These lenses have been proven to slow the effects of myopia and even correct the symptoms throughout the day.

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What to Expect

Getting ahead of your child’s vision problems can have a significant impact on their long-term health.  During the comprehensive eye exams given at Jarvis Vision Center, we can diagnose and treat amblyopia and myopia. Our skilled technicians and doctors will work with you to provide a treatment plan that works for you and your child. You’ll be greeted with friendly faces and a welcoming environment from the moment you walk in the door. The initial screening is done by one of our experienced technicians who strive to make the experience light-hearted and fun for you and your child. Your doctor will then perform a comprehensive examination of the eyes to determine if there are any vision concerns or deficiencies to address. Should your child need glasses, contacts, or other corrective lenses, our team will provide the best fit possible.

Pediatric Comprehensive Eye Exam

Sometimes waiting until the symptoms show themselves is too late! Contact Jarvis Vision Center today to schedule your child’s pediatric eye exam and give them the headstart they need. We’ll help put your mind at ease when it comes to your child’s eye health.