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Unique Eye Care Plans

Blurry vision & eye discomfort interfering with your life?

You deserve a unique solution to your eye care needs. We create individualized treatment plans that give clear & comfortable vision to our patients, so they can get back to focusing on what matters most to them.


Kimberly Duncan

Amazing services performed by friendly staff. I had no idea what to expect walking in, and left feeling like I’d been a patient there since as long as I could remember. The nurses were kind and willing to go above and beyond for even the simplest things, and Dr. Jarvis explained his exam and findings in a way anyone could easily understand. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to recommend a business as much as I have this one.

Reannon Nance

I went for my 5 year old’s first eye exam, my daughter is very shy and nervous around new people, the staff was very friendly and made sure to tell her exactly what they was doing in language she understood. Dr. Williams made her feel very at ease. When we left she said, “mommy, I give him 18 thumbs up!

Whitney Villanueva

Excellent. Dr Jarvis is amazing with my children. His personality puts them at ease. The entire staff has a culture of genuine concern for my family.

Cathy Dowdy

They give amazing service. Staff so patient friendly and helpful. I gladly recommend them to everyone.

Donna Slater

Thank you Dr. Jarvis for helping me see again. I have never been treated so nice as I have been by the entire staff that works at Jarvis Vision Center. I highly recommend Dr.Jarvis and everyone who works there to anyone needing eye care. You will never be treated as good anywhere else. It is such a blessing having someone who really cares about their patients like Dr.Jarvis does. Thank you again for giving me my eyesight back.

Brian Curlin

Outstanding service by the doctor, the admins, and the specialists. Thanks!​​​​​​​

Justin Stockwell

Dr. Williams was great as well as his assistant. They were good with my girls and we had a great experience. He talked with me about their vision in a way that I understood. Very friendly staff.

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What makes Jarvis Vision Center different?

Have you ever felt frustrated or anxious about your eye health or your vision? Have you felt rushed at your eye appointment or like no one is listening to your concerns? Have you been blindsided by your bill or confused about your insurance benefits or vision discounts? Have you ever been disappointed because you paid good money for glasses that just don’t fit or function well?

At Jarvis Vision Center, we understand your fears & frustrations. We take time to listen to your concerns and provide customized plans to get you back to seeing clearly & comfortably. We go the extra mile to help you understand and get the most out of your insurance and vision plans. We take time to help you select comfortable glasses that also fit your style, your wallet and your life!

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