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Are your lenses performing well and giving you that crisp and comfortable vision you need for your work, your hobbies and your everyday life?

All lenses are not created equal. We can help you get just the right combination in your lenses to help you see your best, protect your eyes and keep you focused on what matters most to you!

Some Things to Discuss with Your Optician:

  • Prescription & Lens Purposes: Where are you struggling most to see clearly & comfortably? Do you need your glasses for driving, reading, watching TV, computer work or sports & hobbies?
  • Comfort – Are your lenses too heavy? Do they cause eye strain or headaches? Choosing the right frame and lens combination is key to making your glasses comfortable!
  • Performance – Is your vision crisp & clear? Are you struggling with peripheral distortion or a narrow reading area in your progressive lenses? Are your lenses customized for your unique needs? We’re up on the latest lens technology and can help choose lenses that improve your focus because they’re made specially for you!
  • Eye Protection – how are your lenses protecting your eyes from harmful UV or blue lights? The material used to make your lenses, as well as the use of Transitions or blue light filters can go a long way to protecting your eyes!
  • Durability – are your lenses designed to stand up to the wear and tear of life? We recommend materials and lens products that help you get the most out of your glasses. Most of our lenses carry a 2-year warranty against breakage or scratches.
  • Value – we understand that your glasses are a big investment, so we work with your budget to get the very best value for you and your unique needs. We make sure to maximize your vision benefits & discounts. We want you to love your glasses and feel great about your purchase.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind our products, so you don’t need to worry! Talk to our opticians about our warranties and replacement options.
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