Comprehensive Eye Exams

Jarvis Vision Eye ExamsProtecting your long-term health is a top priority for you. Your vision shapes how you live your life, which is why we take your eye care seriously. Yearly comprehensive exams are more than just a chance to update your prescription.

At your appointment, our doctors and technicians will be able to screen and monitor your overall health using cutting-edge technology. These innovations help us give you early insight into a variety of health concerns that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our doctor and technicians will be able to alert you to signs of developing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and even tumors. This first-look can help to catch these health issues early so that you can get the proper treatment quickly.

​​​​​​​Our staff will help you schedule follow-up appointments and recommend specialists to help you feel confident. In addition to offering health screening, special testing, and additional eye care services, our doctors will give you a thorough refraction every year to ensure you always have the clearest vision possible. We even offer emergency services to treat eye problems, infections, and injuries, so you can always get the care you need.

The technology used in our comprehensive exams and special testing include:

  • High Definition Photographs
  • Visual Fields
  • VEPs
  • OCT
  • MPOD
  • Genetic Testing