Why Should You Get Annual Eye Exams?

Dr. Reed Jarvis and Family

When your eyes start interfering with your life, you know it’s time to Schedule An Eye Exam. But what about when life is busy, and you see fine? Why take the time for an eye appointment?

Here are three great reasons to make that annual eye exam a priority:

Refresh Your Look

Time flies when you’re busy, but a year is a long time when it comes to things like fashion, technology, and changes with your life and your eyes. And, let’s be honest, frames wear out over time. Those glasses you got a few years ago are probably showing some wear and tear. You may even be frustrated because your frame isn’t comfortable or doesn’t fit well. You may want to try a new look with your glasses. Whatever your situation, you’ll most certainly find a new frame style that you love.

Also, ask yourself, “Are my eyes causing frustration due to new workplace demands or changes in my vision?” Have you wanted to try contact lenses, computer glasses, prescription sunglasses, or something for a hobby? This year, you should treat yourself and try something different!

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Plus, if you have a vision plan or flexible spending account (FSA), eyewear is an excellent use for those benefits. You can take advantage of the yearly savings and enjoy something you’ll wear every day!

Maintain Clear and Comfortable Vision

We don’t need to tell you how vital your vision is to enjoying life. You want to be able to focus on the things that matter most to you, and yet with each stage of life, you face different challenges to maintaining clear and comfortable vision.

In grade school, kids’ eyes are changing, so their vision should be monitored closely. Students and young adults may develop eye strain, headaches, and migraines. The risk for Dry Eye Syndrome or eye irritation increases as the demands of life and work begins to affect their eyes.

Dr. Jesse Williams and Family

Adults over forty often experience a gradual shift in their up-close vision and, although this is a normal process, it can be frustrating and challenging to navigate. In later years, concerns shift to preventing the loss of vision and managing conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration.

Wherever you are on this journey, it’s crucial to have a trusted eye doctor. They can help you navigate the challenges along the way, so you can continue to enjoy clear and comfortable vision.

Protect Your Overall Health and Vision

No one likes to talk about vision loss; fortunately, an annual eye exam can create peace of mind around protecting long-term vision. There are a variety of eye diseases that can compromise your sight, but early detection gives us the ability to treat and even prevent many of these eye conditions. Some of the eye diseases are detectable during an annual eye exam include:

– Cataracts

– Glaucoma

– Macular degeneration

– Keratoconus

– Retinal detachment

– Floaters

– Uveitis

– Diabetic retinopathy

Protect Overall Health and Vision

Did you know that looking at the back of the eye can reveal important information about your overall health? For example, diabetes and high blood pressure can both be detected with a routine screening photo. This photo shows visible changes to the blood vessels in the back of your eye! Often, these changes appear even before you experience other symptoms, enabling you to get ahead and maybe even reverse your condition.

Scheduling your annual eye exam helps you maintain clear, comfortable vision and healthy eyes. So treat yourself to a yearly exam!

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