What Is Polarization: 3 Benefits Of Polarized Sunglasses

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Whether you’re out on the lake or driving down the highway, having the perfect pair of sunglasses can make all the difference. Your eyes are specially designed to turn light waves into understandable images so that you can thrive in the world around you. However, sometimes we need a little extra protection from the light we’re exposed to, which is why we wear sunglasses.

Did you know that there are two primary Types Of Sunglasses Available? The first is standard tinted sunglasses, these are the kind you find at most gas stations and dollar stores, but they are available in prescription and high-end retailers as well. The second is polarized sunglasses; these are often available at optometry offices or through name brand glasses. But what is polarization?

Glare Reduction

Polarized sunglasses help to protect your eyes from harsh light and provide relief for light-sensitive individuals. Polarized lenses are designed with a hidden grid built inside the lens that negates light reflected at sharp angles — like off the hood of an oncoming car or the surface of the water at the beach. The grid is invisible to the naked eye, but effectively blocks harsh light from reaching the eyes and reduces the risk for glare related accidents. 

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses effectively eliminate the surface glare on the water.


Tinted sunglass lenses reduce the amount of light that is reaching the eye by providing a darkened lens. This property helps to reduce sensitivity to light, but it can also interfere with your ability to see fine detail. Polarized lenses offer a similar “darkening” effect, without compromising your perception of fine detail. Often, polarized sunglasses are designed for specific environments such as hiking, golfing, or watersports. The lenses are then specially crafted to create contrast in those environments to help your vision improve instead of deadening it like tinted lenses.

Protection Sunglasses

Some polarized lenses can be designed even to improve your vision in low-light environments.


Another great benefit to polarized lenses is that they naturally block ultraviolet radiation (UV rays), in most cases. This benefit usually comes from the material used to make polarized sunglasses, which blocks 100% of UV light. In addition to blocking UV light, many sunglass brands that specialize in polarized sunglasses offer built-in blue light radiation filtering on their lenses, as well. That means that you’ll get a full range of protection from the harmful light emitted by the sun, just by choosing polarized sunglasses.

Polarized Eyewear

Wearing polarized sunglasses protects your eyes in the same way sunblock protects your skin.

Don’t let the summer glare get you down! Talk to an optician today, and we’ll help you find the lenses that will leave your eyes feeling healthy and happy all summer long. Visit Jarvis Vision Center for more information or to see demonstrations of polarized lenses vs. tinted lenses.