What Are Anti Reflective Coatings And Do I Need Them?


Whenever it’s time to get a new pair of glasses, you’ll undoubtedly be asked if you’d like an AR coating or anti-reflective coating added to your lenses.  This common lens enhancement offers many benefits for the wearer, but some glasses users still prefer to go without.  In this blog, we’ll show you the benefits of AR properties and the differences you may see if you opt for these special coatings.


The primary reason to have an AR coating is to reduce the lenses’ glare or reflective property.  Patients with astigmatism are exceptionally susceptible to harsh glare and will notice a significant improvement in the clarity of their vision with anti-reflective lenses.  The image below, from drtravel.com’s blog on Safety Tips for Night Blindness, demonstrates the difference between an uncoated lens and an AR lens at night surrounded by bright lights.  You can see that the AR lens is much clearer.  These types of lenses are often prescribed for patients who struggle with night-driving due to glare.

Non-glare Comparison

Easy to Clean

Many AR coatings also come with a slick surfacing property that makes them much easier to clean than traditional lenses.  This surface reduces smudging and makes cleaning easy so that you can keep your vision clear all day long.  Some products even have dust and dirt repellant, which helps prevent residue from sticking to the surface of your lenses.  Particles of dust and dirt on your lenses can lead to scratches, so this feature helps prevent damage to the lenses before it occurs.

Scratch Resistance

In addition to these properties, almost all anti-glare lenses come with a hardened scratch-resistant coating that helps keep your lenses in excellent condition.  The scratch resistance works with the dirt repellant to maintain the integrity of your lenses for longer than uncoated lenses. This property is why many parents opt to add AR coatings to their children’s glasses.

AR Coatings Childrens Glasses

Better Photos

Anti-reflective coatings reduce the glare on both sides of the lenses, which means that you’ll see better than before, and you’ll look better too!  The properties of AR enable your lenses to appear clearer, and the glare won’t hide your eyes.  Now you’ll finally be able to see your eyes in family photos!

AR-coatings for Glasses

Quality Assurance 

Older AR coatings were unreliable and sometimes began to flake after a few years of wear. At  Jarvis Vision Center we are always looking for the latest products with the best quality and durability.  That’s why our AR products are carefully selected to provide clear and comfortable vision.  We offer a range of products to fit your needs, including blue-light filter AR coatings, superior scratch resistance, and budget-friendly options.  Before ever offering products to our patients, all of these ARs have been tested and worn by our own staff to ensure their quality and performance.  We want you to see and look your best, so we are dedicated to using only the best products available.

If you’re overdue for some new lenses and tired of struggling to see due to glare, Give Jarvis Vision Center A Call today!  We’ll help you find a solution for your vision that will keep you seeing clearly so that you can focus on what matters most.


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