Shopping Local Vs Online Purchasing

Now, more than ever, supporting local small businesses is vital to keeping our beloved town strong.  You can do your part to help small business owners and local stores by choosing to purchase from local businesses instead of large corporations.  Learn more about the benefits of buying glasses locally instead of opting for online stores.

Quality Eye Exams

Quality Eye Exams

One of the significant concerns with purchasing glasses online is the health and safety of your eyes.  Some online services offer “virtual exams” or “virtual refractions.”  These services are not as accurate as having a highly-trained team of technicians and doctors working with you to design the lenses that will provide the clearest vision for you. 

Frame Selection

Another benefit of shopping locally for your glasses is that you will have the ability to try on numerous pairs of glasses before making your decision.  At Jarvis Vision Center, you will have a personal optician assigned to you who will help you find a frame that complements your face and fits perfectly.  Your optician will ensure the glasses don’t pinch or slip and will be lightweight enough to prevent pressure while being sturdy enough to last for years.

Eyeglasses Warranties and Repairs in Murray, KY

Warranties and Repairs

Nothing beats the peace of mind you get when you know your glasses and lenses are under warranty.  At Jarvis Vision Center, we will clearly explain any warranties available for your glasses, as well as handle the replacement process should you ever need that service.  This service takes the headache out of getting replacement glasses!  

Additionally, we do free repairs on all frames purchased at our office for the life of the frame. So, if you have a pair of glasses that you love and use over and over again, we’ll do our best to keep that frame in tip-top condition for you.

Woman shopping for glasses in store

Supporting Other Small Businesses

At Jarvis Vision Center, we strive to offer high-quality frames from top brands, as well as unique frames from U.S. brands.  We’re proud to offer a wide selection of frames from NW77th, which is based out of St. Louis, MO, and STATE Optical from Chicago, IL.  To learn more about these frame brands, visit our optical boutique!

Eyeglass Quality Eyecare in Murray, KY

For better quality eye care, frame selection, and services, shop local!  If you’re in need of a to Book Your Comprehensive Eye ExamContact Us today!  We’ll get you in quickly and ensure all your eyecare questions are answered. If you’d like to stop by and shop our wide selection of sunglasses for your upcoming summer vacation, Stop By Today!