Purchased Glasses Online: Our Buy-Back Program

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Online glasses retailers like Zenni Optical and Warby Parker offer a select array of stylish frames that they claim will fit most face shapes and styles. Unfortunately, without proper fitting and adjustments, many customers are left with glasses that slide, pinch, or don’t fit their face.

If you recently purchased glasses online and have found the frames to be more trouble than their worth, come to Jarvis Vision Center!  We’ll buy back your online glasses and give you credit towards a complete pair from our optical boutique!

Risks of Online Eyewear

  • One-size doesn’t fit all. Faces come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and, reasonably often, online glasses retailers make their frames in a single size without instructions for how to pick glasses that accurately fit your face. Opticians can make recommendations about frame size and shape to help minimize discomfort and weight, depending on your specific prescription.
  • Inadequate measurements. Online shops, generally, only ask for a PD (pupillary distance) measurement, which provides just two of ten potentially vital measurements that opticians use to design your glasses to give the best vision possible. 
  • Measurements for high prescriptions. The higher your prescription, the more vital correct measurements are for clear vision. Opticians will fit a frame to your face correctly, before carefully taking measurements to ensure your lenses are properly fitted into the frames.
  • Quality of products. Often, online purchases are a classic example of “getting what you paid for.”  Generally, online glasses shops will offer incredibly low prices on frames and lenses, with a restricted warranty. Additionally, if your glasses should break due to a poor quality frame, then you are left without a replacement pair while you wait for the site to send you a new set. At Jarvis Vision Center, we will loan you a frame while we wait for a warranty replacement to arrive so that you never have to go without your glasses. 
  • Adjustments and fittings. Because online shops have no physical presence, you will have to visit a local optometry office to have your glasses fitted once they arrive. Most offices will charge for adjusting glasses they did not sell. Glasses purchased online are notorious for not holding adjustments, which means you’ll be paying that fee over and over just to keep your glasses from falling off. 
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Why Measurements Matter

As mentioned earlier, there are approximately ten measurements needed to determine the precise relationship between your face, the frame, and The Lenses to design glasses that provide optimal vision. These measurements include:

  • PD: the distance between your pupils, which is unique to each person

  • Seg/OC: segment height or optical center is the measurement from the bottom of the lenses to the center of your pupil. However, the exact alignment of the measurement depends on the type of prescription you need, which an optician will be able to determine.
  • Wrap: This measurement is the curve of the frame against your face. This measurement becomes extremely important for high-wrap sunglasses like Wiley X, Costa, Oakley, and Maui Jim. Frames with high wraps can modify both the PD and Seg measurements because of the intense curve of the lenses.
  • Vertex: This term refers to the distance between the glasses’ lens to the back of your eye. Opticians used to use a special formula to properly calculate this in the past. We now have better technology, which allows us to use a device called an Opti-Cam to calculate these measurements using the frame, the Opti-Cam, and a photo.
  • Pantoscopic Tilt: The tilt of the frame plays a role in your prescription, as well. If your frame sits on your face with a high tilt, the seg/OC height may need to be adjusted to compensate for the angle. Additionally, if the frame has no tilt, this can affect your prescription, as well, since a tilt of 8-10 degrees is, generally, assumed. 

Each of these five measurements is taken for both eyes because our faces are rarely perfectly symmetrical.  So, you can see, there are a total of ten unique measurements that need to be considered for most glasses prescriptions. Additionally, these vital measurements may require further adjustments depending on your exact prescription, which an optician can do easily.

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How Our Buy-Back Program Works

You shouldn’t have to settle for frames that slide off your nose or pinch behind the ears.  That’s why Jarvis Vision Center offers a buy-back program. Just bring in your receipt from your online glasses purchase, and we will match the price with credit towards a new pair with us. You’ll be able to try on a variety of frames and have them custom-fitted to you by a trained optician. This, along with our precise measurements, will help you feel comfortable in your new frames and have the best vision possible!

Additionally, you’ll be qualified for warranties and unlimited adjustments and repairs for the life of your glasses.

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Adjustments and Fees

At Jarvis Vision Center, we value the expertise and skills that our opticians bring to our customers. All of our opticians are highly trained in making adjustments and taking measurements so that you get the best quality. We offer adjustments and repairs for any of our glasses for the life of the glasses at no cost. For glasses purchased elsewhere, we will happily adjust and verify them for just $50

There are many options available for your prescription eyewear needs, and you have the freedom to choose the options that work best for you. If you purchased glasses online and have been dissatisfied with the results, Contact Us today. Our opticians will happily work with you to find a perfect replacement pair.