Kid’s Contacts: 4 Reasons To Give Them A Try

Kids Contacts

The daily grind of the school year and extracurricular activities can get exhausting for parents, especially when you are trying to keep up with all of your children’s things. Lots of parents do not realize that even young children can benefit from the use of contact lenses. Also, most insurance plans will cover the cost of a contact lens evaluation and fitting. Check out these four reasons to try out kid’s contacts at your child’s next appointment.


In the hustle and bustle of the school year, it can be difficult for children to keep up with everything they need to keep their vision clear all day long. That is why many parents are taking advantage of kids contacts for everyday use. Contact lenses allow children to transition smoothly from school to activities like sports and play without having to worry about damaging their glasses or losing track of them. 

Easy Maintenance

Most children are rapid learners and like the freedom that comes with contact lenses.  They have to put the lenses in before going to school and then take them out at night to have clear vision all day long. During the contact lens evaluation with your doctor, we will determine which contacts — dailies, monthlies, or disposables — will fit your child’s lifestyle the best. 

Glasses and Contacts

Glasses and Contacts

When building a vision correction routine, most families find that having both glasses and contact lenses available for their children is the best choice. The contact lenses offer a convenient solution for the days where you are running between many different activities and don’t want to keep up with glasses, sunglasses, and sports goggles. On the other hand, glasses come in handy if your child develops a cold or infection that makes it difficult to put in contact lenses.

Contact Lenses for Children

Insurance Coverage

Some vision plans will cover the cost of a contact lens evaluation in full, so ask your provider if you are eligible for a free evaluation and fitting at your appointment. In addition, many vision plans will offer benefits for contact lenses or glasses. At Jarvis Vision Center, you can even qualify for additional savings on your contacts or glasses when you purchase a year’s supply and a pair of prescription glasses.

Our team is dedicated to building an effective vision care routine for you and your children that will meet all of your needs. Ask your technician if your child qualifies for a free kid’s contact lens evaluation at your next appointment. Your optician will be happy to go over any vision savings plan options available to you to maximize your benefits. Our goal is to provide the ideal solution for your family in every way.  Contact Us today to ask about your insurance and vision plan coverage for contact lenses.