How To Pick Glasses: 5 Easy Tips For Picking The Perfect Frame

Frames for Your Glasses

Getting to pick your new Frames For Your Glasses can be fun and exciting if you know how to choose a great frame. Everyone’s face is different, so not all frames will fit all face shapes. Luckily, you can follow a few simple rules to help make picking out glasses a fantastic experience.

Know Your Face

The first thing to consider when picking a frame is the general shape of your face. Your facial features will determine which frames are, generally, most flattering on you. Things like the size of your eyes, the bridge of your nose, and the shape of your jawline can play significant roles in determining whether a frame fits or not.

Here are some questions to help you determine your key facial features:

  • Is my face long, square, or rounded?
  • Is my face heart-shaped or oval?

  • Are my eyes wide-set, narrow, or neither?

  • Do I have a narrow bridge, a wide bridge, or a shallow bridge on my nose?

  • Are there any facial features I would like my glasses to hide or accent?

Think About Comfort
Another major factor to consider when picking out your new glasses is the comfort of the fit. Often, the comfort of the glasses cannot be determined until you try them on, but there are a few things you can decide beforehand to help with the selection process.

Considerations for comfort:

  • High prescriptions

    • If you have a high prescription, then the lens weight will play a significant role in the comfort of your glasses. You can help to reduce the weight of the lenses by choosing frames with small, rounded lens shapes and opting for lighter-weight lens materials.
  • Metal allergies

    • Obviously, if you have a nickel, or other metal, allergy, then choosing a frame can be tricky. You may think this means you’re stuck picking a plastic frame, but Jarvis Vision Center has a variety of hypo-allergenic metal frames available. Just ask your optician to select pure titanium frames for you.
  • Bridge comfort

    • The size and type of bridge you select will significantly impact the comfort of your glasses. 
      • Plastic frames have solid bridges. They’re designed to distribute the weight of the frame across the entire nose, reducing the chance of redness or pressure. These kinds of bridges cannot be adjusted for different nose sizes, so it’s essential to fit a perfect fit. If a plastic frame’s bridge it too big, the glasses will slide down. If the bridge is too small, it will cause unwanted pressure on the sinuses. Your optician can help you find the perfect fit by examining a few frames on your bridge and giving you a precise number for the bridge size that works best.
      • Metal frames most often have nose pads. These are two small plastic pads that rest on either side of your nose. Nose pads are entirely adjustable and simple to change out if the pad breaks or is lost. These bridges are the most versatile and easy to fit your unique bridge.
  • Plastic or metal 
    • Lastly, determine whether you like the feel and fit of metal frames or plastic frames best. Most people have a preference for one or the other, but some people find that both types of frames are equally comfortable.
Frames For Your Lifestyle

Consider Your Lifestyle

Another factor to consider when picking a frame is the environment you’ll be wearing your glasses in. If you’re going to be primarily using them at a desk while at work, then you’ll want something lightweight and super comfortable. If you’ll only need your glasses as a backup option for your contact lenses, then picking something fun is a great option. If you need a progressive, multi-focal lens to wear from the time you wake up until you’re crawling into bed, find a frame that has great coverage and feels comfortable on your nose and temples.


The Lenses For Your Glasses should also be considered when picking out a frame. Progressive, multi-focal lenses require deeper shapes to allow the entire prescription to fit comfortably in the frame. If you’re choosing for light-adaptive lenses, try to pick a frame that will look great with clear lenses and darkened lenses. For reading glasses or single-vision lenses, smaller frames are a great choice.

Lenses for Glasses

Trust Your Optician

Lastly, remember that you have a trained professional to personally assist you in picking out your new glasses. At Jarvis Vision Center, our opticians have extensive knowledge of frame brands and shapes, as well as experience working with all types of face shapes. This gives them the ability to help you find the perfect frame every time.

Trust Your Optician

We hope these tips will help you have a wonderful experience picking out your next pair of glasses. If you need to Schedule Your Yearly Eye Exam, then Contact Us today! You can also stop our office and take advantage of our fall sale. Now through October 31st, you can “reveal your deal” on a frame purchase*.

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