Did You Know? 3 UV Protection Facts You May Not Know

Sunlight Overexposure Protection

Summertime often finds us outdoors enjoying the heat. Whether you’re on the lake, at the pool, or BBQing with your friends and family, you’re bound to get some sun! We all know the dangers of overexposure to sunlight, including sunburns, skin damage, and even skin cancer, but did you know that the sun can be just as harmful to your vision?

Skin Protection

UV Radiation Protection

Everyone is familiar with sunscreen and the benefits of protecting your skin from UV rays, but did you know that there are two types of ultraviolet light that your skin needs protection from? The two types are UVA and UVB light*; unfortunately, not all sunscreens adequately block both types of radiation, so it is important to look for the “broad spectrum” label when picking sunscreen. 

Another thing to note about sunblock is the SPF, this number tells you how much longer the lotion will keep your skin from the damaging effects of the sun than if you had no protection. So SPF of 30, keeps your skin safe for 30x longer than normal if used as directed*. 

Another way to protect yourself from UV radiation is through the use of UV protected clothing. Many swimsuit brands are developing SPF rated UVA and UVB protected clothing to help reduce the risk of skin damage from the sun.


Eye Protection

Polarized Lenses in Murray, KY

Your eyes are at just as much risk for sun damage during the summer as your skin! That’s why it’s important to take steps to reduce their exposure to harmful light spectrums. The best way to get UV protection is through polycarbonate or trivex sunglass lenses. These two types of material that compose the lenses are 100% UV blocking materials, which makes them ideal for sunglasses. Another step to take in protecting your eyes is to buy Polarized Sunglasses. The polarized lenses naturally cancel the effects of harsh light on your eyes and often provide both UV protection and blue light protection.

Children are especially sensitive to harsh lighting and their developing eyes should always be protected when going out. Make sure you provide hats and sunglasses with UV protected lenses for your little ones. If you have a child of the age of 5 or under, check out the Babiators available at Jarvis Vision Center. They are 100% UV protected, offer a lifetime warranty for loss or damage, and come in a variety of fun colors and styles. You can even get polarized lenses in select models!

Long Term Effects

The long term effects of unprotected sun exposure range from skin damage like sunburns, dark spots, and wrinkling to more dangerous conditions like skin cancer, macular degeneration, retinal scarring, and even declining vision or blindness. If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, it’s time to start protecting the health of your skin and eyes.

Don’t let the sun keep you from enjoying your summer! With these UV protection tips, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite summertime activities while protecting you and your family from sun damage.

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