Back To School: 3 Ways To Help Your Children Excel

Back To School: 3 Ways To Help Your Children ExcelIt’s no secret that technology is rapidly changing our daily lives. Not that long ago, phones couldn’t do anything more than make phone calls, and schools had blackboards instead of smartboards. Now, more than ever before, children’s eyes are constantly bombarded with harmful like spectrums and up-close work that strain their eyes, even at a young age. Find out more about how you can prevent long term damage and help your child excel!
UV Protection Sunglasses

Blue Light Protection

Most children these days are overexposed to the harmful blue light spectrum with the increase in LED lighting and screens that are used daily. Phones, tablets, TVs, computers, and even the smartboards in the classroom all emitted blue light radiation, which can have lasting effects on the eye when exposed for long hours. Blue light radiation can lead to serious eye problems later in life, so getting protection early is vital.

Luckily, the fix for blue light exposure is easy and can be used in both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Most lenses come with UV protection, but now you can opt for a protective coating that blocks most blue light without causing the lens to look yellowed or discolored.

Fun Fact: Our brains use blue light to regulate our sleep/wake cycle, so when we get too much, it can lead to insomnia. That’s why most blue light filtering lenses offer 20% – 40% blue light filtering, though specialty lenses can block up to 100%.

Sun Protection

Just like when you put sunscreen on your kids when they go out to play, it’s crucial for their long term eye health to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses are a great way to protect their eyes, but many families are opting for light-adaptive or photochromic lenses instead. These kinds of lenses naturally adapt to the UV light they are exposed to and darken accordingly. This property eliminates the child’s need to keep up with sunglasses in addition to their regular pair. It will also ensure they are getting protection even when the lenses are clear!

Fun Fact: It takes our eyes almost an hour to re-adjust to indoor lighting after being out in the sun for a length of time. Light-adaptive lenses adjust in just three minutes, allowing your child to focus and read more clearly after recess than they would on their own.

Eyeglass with Sun Protection

Encourage Breaks

Lastly, children need to take regular breaks from up-close work to give their eyes a break. Encourage your kids to take frequent breaks from screens and homework to do things like play tag, catch, or help with chores around the house. Regular activity and reduced screen time can lower their risk for blue light related eye problems later in life. It can also promote better focus and help regulate their sleep schedule.

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With the start of the school year just around the corner, it’s essential to be aware of what you can do to help give your children a head start they need to succeed! So, Schedule A Back To School Eye Exam today.  You can talk to your doctor about how you can protect their eyes in the classroom, at recess, and home.