5 Tips About Glasses You May Not Know

Eyeglasses Tips

As a licensed optician and glasses-wearer, I’ve seen my fair share of glasses over the years. Here are a few easy tips about glasses that I’ve picked up to help you solve common glasses problems without damaging your frames or lenses.

Cleaning Cloths Have a Max Capacity

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than trying to get a smudge off your lenses only to make it worse with your cleaning cloth. Often, this is the result of a cleaning cloth that is ready to be retired. Because of their super-absorbent material, microfiber cleaning cloths are only really meant to be used for about 2-3 months of daily cleaning. After that time, they have soaked up all the oils, dust, and cleaning solutions from your glasses to the max, and they just spread it around when you try to wipe your lenses.

You may be able to clean your cloths by hand-washing with Dawn dishwashing liquid and rinsing thoroughly. Then, hang to dry and see if the cleaning ability of the cloth has improved. If it hasn’t, it’s time to throw it away and get a new one.

Eyeglasses Cloth

Scratches are Permanent

Unfortunately, scratches on lenses cannot be buffed out. Your lenses are very precisely measured to reflect light at just the right angles to correct your vision, and any changes to the surface of the lens will change that prescription. Today, the technology to buff and remove scratches from prescription lenses is not readily available, but with laser technology and continued research, we may be able to provide this surface someday.

Regular Cleanings and Adjustments Reduce Slippage

If you’re continually pushing your glasses up or struggling to keep your frames on your face, it may be time for a thorough cleaning. At Jarvis Vision Center, we offer glasses cleanings that will remove built-up oils and residue on your frames, causing slipping. Additionally, our opticians are experts at adjusting frames to fit you comfortably.

So, if your frames are pinching, sliding, or leaving irritation on your nose or temples, we can gently remove all the build-up of dirt and oils without harming the finish of your frames. You don’t have to live with glasses that slip and slide all day, come see us, and we’ll get you looking and feeling great in no time.

Eyeglass Cleaning and Adjustments

Superglue Voids Warranties

In almost all cases, supergluing your frames after a break will void any warranty available on lenses or frames. As a licensed optician, this was something I told customers over and over because it seems like an easy fix, but it can cost you in the long run. If you have an accident and your frame breaks, pick up the pieces, call Jarvis Vision Center, and bring the frame straight to us. In some cases, your prescription may be strong enough to prevent you from driving without your glasses; if this is the case, call us straight away. We will work with you to get your glasses replaced quickly and without voiding available warranties so that you can save time and money getting back to normal after an accident.

Some “Glasses Hacks” Will Actually Ruin Your Glasses

We’ve all seen those cut videos on social media, giving your tips and hacks for cleaning, adjusting, and fixing your glasses at home. Unfortunately, almost all of these “quick fixes” will ruin your glasses. For example, heating your frame with a hairdryer to allow you to adjust the fit of the frame will often cause your lenses to “craze.” “Crazing” is an irreversible effect that causes the frame’s coating or material to warp under extreme heat, causing blurriness. Additionally, some plastic frames are simply not designed to be adjusted by heating, so you run the risk of melting your frames or causing them to become extremely brittle.

Also, never try to “buff” your lenses with toothpaste. It will not clean or polish your lenses; the grit in the toothpaste will destroy your lenses. Instead, if you’re having difficulty getting your lenses clean, we can help. We have specialized cleaning materials that will remove oils and dirt, giving you clean, streak-free lenses.

Toothpaste Hack for Eyeglasses

I hope these tips help you take care of your glasses by avoiding common mistakes.  If you’ve noticed your lenses or frames require some extra attention, Stop By Our Office Today, we’ll help you look, feel, and see your best at Jarvis Vision Center.