What To Expect During Your Eye Exam

Patient getting eye exam at Jarvis Vision Center

Are you feeling nervous about your upcoming eye exam?  Maybe past experiences have left you feeling confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed. If that is the case, then Jarvis Vision Center is the place for you. We strive to make sure each of our patients is given outstanding care that caters to their individual needs. Your questions and concerns can be address promptly by any of our staff members during your exam, so you’ll leave feeling satisfied with the health and care of your eyes.


Optical Center in Murray

When you arrive at Jarvis Vision Center, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile by one of our administrative team members.  They’ll welcome you to the office, confirm your insurance, and provide you with any forms that need to be filled out before your exam can begin. It is best to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time in order to complete any paperwork or update any information that may have changed.

While you wait to be called back, you can enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate at our coffee bar.  If you need help, one of the Team Members will be glad to get your coffee for you.


Once you have been called back by a technician, you’ll be taken to a pre-testing room. Here, the technician will do a quick interview to determine if you have any particular vision or eye care concerns. Below are a few questions you might encounter:

  • Do you have any specific concerns about your vision?

  • Are you experiencing consistent headaches?

  • Do you have trouble reading small print, or text that is far away?

  • Have you noticed any changes in your vision in the last six months/year?

After the interview, the pre-testing will begin. Pre-testing will involve an auto-refraction, a pressure test, and a retinal screening photo.  You may also receive dilation drops at this time if you have agreed to be dilated. 

The auto-refraction machine has a chin and forehead rest. For this test, just look at the picture in front of you. The machine will automatically adjust the image to focus for you briefly, which gives the technician an idea of what your current prescription might be. 

The pressure test is the most dreaded of the tests, but it is quick and painless. Place your chin on the rest and keep your eye open while the machine produces a small puff of air. This puff gives the device enough information to determine the internal pressure of your eyes and spot signs of hypertension or other issues.

The retinal screening photo is another process that may be included in your exam if you agree to it. This photo helps the doctor to see the back of your eyes, which can help to catch early signs of significant health concerns like diabetes or retinal detachment. The photo is not mandatory, but it is an excellent alternative to dilation and allows the doctors to keep visual records of the health of your eye throughout the years.

visual records

Doctor’s Exam

After pre-testing is over, the technician will lead you to an exam room. One of our doctors will then review your eye health concerns and perform the standard refraction test. This test involves reading a chart of letters at varying sizes through one or both eyes and a variety of lenses. Throughout the test, you’ll be asked to decide between lenses to determine which prescription gives you the clearest vision.  Afterward, the doctor will review his findings with you and make any recommendations concerning your at-home eye care and overall health. Additionally, he will discuss the retinal screening photo with you and go over any questions you might have.


Trained Opticians in Murray

After the exam is over, you’re personal optician will meet you in the exam room, and you’ll be taken to our pptical boutique to be fitted for glasses.  The optician will introduce themselves, review the doctor’s prescription for your eye care, including lenses, features, and any special features required for your best vision.

The optician will ask about your daily lifestyle and what you’re looking for in your glasses, then they will select a collection of frames specifically for you.  Most customers find that our opticians are able to pick the perfect frame within the first collection, but if you’d like to try on more frames, don’t hesitate to ask!

After finding the perfect frame, you’ll be fitted and measured. Our trained opticians are experts at fitting frames, so you’ll never have to worry about your glasses being uncomfortable or ill-fitting. Additionally, we offer fittings and repairs for the life of any frames purchased in our optical boutique.

The optician will provide you a cost analysis for your frames and lenses, verifying any features and materials that have been included in the design based on the doctor’s prescription. If you have a vision savings plan or insurance, the optician will be happy to explain your benefits and help you understand your vision plan. Once you’ve approved the purchase, you’ll be taken to check out.

Check Out

The administrative team member that checks you out will have all of your information ready.  They’ll review your next appointment date, or set a date if one is needed. Here, you will be provided with any vitamins, accessories, or additional materials for your at-home eye care needs. You’ll be given a total for your visit, asked if you require a receipt, and provided an appointment reminder card if needed.

Eye Exam Appointment

Follow Up

Most people only need to make an appointment once a year for a comprehensive eye exam. If you require more frequent appointments to monitor an eye problem or determine if specific treatments are working, our staff will make sure to contact you before the scheduled appointment to remind you. We offer text and call reminders, so you can easily confirm your appointment or request to have it changed if you won’t be able to make it. 

If you’re overdue for your eye exam or need to get in for a new pair of glasses, Call Jarvis Vision Center! Our friendly staff will make you feel at ease and help to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your vision care. Schedule Your Appointment today.