Why Is Reading To Your Kids Important?

Eyeglasses for Children

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America, our doctors visited the local schools to read to the kids!  This opportunity to get involved with the kids and teach them about eyes using The Eye Book and Douglas, You Need Glasses!

Develop Language Skills

Reading to young children is an excellent way to develop language skills.  Even reading to newborns can help them to develop and learn about the new world around them. As a baby continues to grow, repetitive reading can help them to learn new words and try out new sounds. Young children can continue to expand their vocabulary all the way into adulthood through reading.

Eye Care for Children

Build Imagination

Children’s books are a fantastic stepping stone in building a child’s sense of imagination.  The simple, playful storylines from books like Goodnight, Moon and Guess How Much I Love You can inspire children to start building their creativity. As your child develops, reading more complex stories and finding books that

Quality Time

Taking time out of your day to read to your kids is a wonderful way to spend time with them.  Daily routines like reading before bed instead of watching TV, can even improve your child’s sleep/wake cycle by reducing their exposure to blue light from digital devices.

Vision Treatment for Children

Inspire a Love of Learning

Reading together helps to build a foundation for children when it comes to learning.  Books can inspire creative thought, teach new concepts, or take them to magical worlds full of adventure.  Reading with your kids is an excellent way to inspire a love of learning at a young age.

Improves Memory and Comprehension

Even at a very young age, daily reading has been shown to improve memory and comprehension in children and adults.  Additionally, it can help you to spot learning disorders like dyslexia or vision problems at an early age.

Jarvis Vision Center

If you notice that your child is having difficulty reading or seems disinterested in books, then contact us at Jarvis Vision Center today!  They may be suffering from the early signs of Myopia. Getting your child the treatment they need for vision problems, and learning disabilities early can make all the difference.

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