Dry Eye Syndrome: Symptoms And Treatments

Dry Eye Syndrome: Symptoms And TreatmentsIf you are living with irritable eyes that bug you every day, then you’re probably wondering if it’s allergies or something more serious. Chronic dry eye disease can affect your everyday life by causing discomfort and blurred vision. Knowing the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome can help you find relief quickly.
Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment

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Besides the obvious feeling of your eyes being dried out, there are a lot of symptoms related to dry eye disease that many don’t realize are symptoms of chronic dry eye disease. Watery eyes are often an indication that the eyes are dry and your tear ducts are overproducing to relief the dryness. Itching and redness are also common symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome.


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Chronic dry eye disease can be caused by corneal injury or corneal damage, so your doctor will inspect the surface and health of the eye when determining if you are at risk. Additionally, blepharitis is a common infection in the tear ducts and lashes that leads to dry eye disease. Eyes that have been affected by blepharitis will commonly have a thin crust around the lashes in the mornings.


Treatments for mild dry eye symptoms are natural solutions like using EyePromise® EZ Tears, applying a warm compress to the eyes before bed, nutritional supplements, and facial products from Eye Eco™. For more advanced cases the doctor may prescribe a medication or recommend the use of artificial tears. Recently, advances have been made in the treatments of dry eye disease and blepharitis which allow your optometrist to cleanse and refresh the tear ducts that may be clogged from chronic dry eye. These treatments are called Blephex or Pelleve.

Dry Eyes Treatment

Find relief from dry eye symptoms at Jarvis Vision Center.

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