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Get Your Child's Vision Ready for School!

Kickstart the year with clear sight and confidence. Learn how our team can help ensure your child is ready to excel in the classroom and beyond.

Could Your Child's Vision Be Affecting Their School Performance?

Did you know that 1 in 4 school-aged children have vision problems? Early detection is crucial, as untreated vision issues can significantly impact a child’s academic performance and development. Studies show that children with uncorrected vision are more likely to struggle with reading and comprehension, leading to lower grades and decreased confidence. Regular eye exams can identify and address these issues early, ensuring your child has the clear vision they need to excel in school and enjoy their daily activities.

Watch Out for These Vision Red Flags

Keep an eye out for these common signs that could indicate your child needs an eye exam:

  • If your child frequently squints or tilts their head to see better
  • Sitting too close to the TV or holding devices close to their face
  • Excessive and frequent eye-rubbing
  • Complaints of headaches or eye pain
  • Difficulty reading, losing place while reading, or struggling with schoolwork
  • Avoiding close-up activities like reading or drawing
  • Increased irritability or lack of focus in school

Why Comprehensive Eye Exams Matter

Many vision problems in children go unnoticed, as kids often can’t articulate their struggles. Eye exams are crucial for maintaining your child’s overall health and development. Early detection of vision issues can prevent long-term problems and support their academic and social success.
Comprehensive Eye Exams Matter

Early Detection of Vision Problems

Before they affect your child’s daily life, eye exams can identify issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Detecting these problems early allows for timely intervention, preventing the worsening of vision and associated complications.

Improved Academic Performance

Clear vision is essential for reading, writing, and other classroom activities. Children with uncorrected vision problems often struggle with schoolwork, leading to frustration and lower grades.

Enhanced Social Development

Children rely on their vision for social interactions and play. Vision problems can make it difficult for them to engage with their peers and participate in activities. Eye exams help your child develop confidence and social skills by addressing these issues early.

Prevention of Eye Health Issues

Eye exams can detect more than just vision problems. They can uncover early signs of eye conditions like strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and even more severe issues such as pediatric cataracts or glaucoma.
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Why Choose Jarvis Vision Center for Your Child's Eye Care?


Comprehensive Pediatric Care

Jarvis Vision Center is skilled in children’s eye health, offering thorough and gentle eye exams catering to young patients’ needs.


Advanced Treatment Options

We use the latest technology and treatments, including myopia control solutions and specialized lenses, to manage and improve children’s vision.


Personalized Attention

We provide personalized and compassionate care, ensuring each child receives tailored eye care that addresses their needs and promotes long-term eye health.

Ready for School? Schedule an Eye Exam!

Ensure your child’s vision is ready for the new school year. Book a comprehensive eye exam with our friendly team at Jarvis Vision Center.
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“Great doctors, fantastic with children, as well adults. Friendly staff, affordable even without insurance. Highly recommended!”
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“Since making a change to Jarvis Vision Center (over a decade ago) I’ve never regretted the decision! The staff is second to none, with special regards to the understanding and treatment of my children with disabilities. When our family visits Jarvis Vision we are treated as if we’re family. Thanks for taking great care of us, Jarvis Vision!”
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“This is THE BEST place in Murray and Paducah for vision services. The staff are top notch and everyone in-house is highly trained in what they do and can easily answer any questions or concerns you may have about anything vision or eye glasses related. Wonderful rapport with patients and excellent with children too! Thank you Jarvis for all you do!”
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