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In January 2017, Eyecare Specialties became a part of Jarvis Vision Center. Dr. Kevin Adams started Eyecare Specialties in 1995 and served patients in Murray for over 20 years with quality, family-friendly eye care. In December of 2016, Dr. Adams moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, and chose Jarvis Vision Center to continue eye care for his patients here in Murray. We are working to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible with the following arrangements:

  • Doctor Availability – Jarvis Vision Center has two doctors, Dr. Reed Jarvis and Dr. Jesse Williams. They are open every weekday and offer evening hours on Mondays & Thursdays as well as morning hours every-other Saturday. Doctors can be reached for emergencies 24/7 by calling the office phone number, 270-759-1429, and dialing 8 from the menu.

  • Appointments – Jarvis Vision Center has all of your appointment records, so they will call you when it is time for your next appointment so that your regular exam schedule will not be interrupted.

  • Patient Records – Jarvis Vision Center has all of the information necessary to provide continuity of care for you, including medical history, ongoing treatment plans, prescriptions for your glasses & contacts, as well as prescriptions for drops or other medications we have prescribed.

  • Frame & Lens Warranties & Service – Jarvis Vision Center will honor all active warranties on frames and lenses. They will also service all glasses with repairs or adjustments at no charge.

  • Convenient Location – the Jarvis Vision Center office is just down the street, less than ½ mile away from our office at 1208 Johnson Blvd (see location here)

  • Contact Information – Click Here to contact us or you you may dial the same number you’ve always called, (270) 279-8540.

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